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Decorating For Your Quinceanera Reception

There are countless ideas to help you create an elegant Quinceanera reception whether you are on a shoe-string or a sky's-the-limit budget. Whether your Quinceanera party is being held in a large reception hall, a church community room or at your own home, you can always use Quinceanera decorations to tie your theme into your décor. Party Ideas 


QuinceaneraStart by greeting guests with a dazzling archor gateway. A balloon arch, a pair of dreamy cloud columns, a castle gate or a personalized memory banner are all excellent choices.

Reception Hall

Theme PartiesAdd a fairytale focal point decoration sized appropriately for your reception location and you'll have the perfect spot for the presentation with your damita. A larger-than-life castle or castle entrance in shimmering shades of icy blue, silver and white would be lovely.
A stunning carriage fit for a fairytale princess would be another wonderful choice. Swans, a castle bridge, a Bubble Machine or a grouping of faux trees filled with sparkling white Twinkle Lights would all be excellent choices as accents for Quinceanera decorations. Balloons, streamers, Quinceanera table settingsand gossamer are always excellent choices for economical decorating. You can transform any room into a festive space in a matter of minutes by using some of the following ideas with balloons. Place groupings of helium-filled balloons tied with curling ribbon around the party room. (Odd numbers look best: 3, 5 or 7.) To fill a larger "ballroom" setting create a balloon arch, swags or column using white, silver and light blue balloons, or balloon clouds using white balloons. Make sure that you recruit plenty of help from family and friends early in the day if you are planning to create large scale arches or swags. If you choose not to use helium, tie balloons to varying lengths of curling ribbon and hang them from the ceiling. Using gossamer or streamers is a budget-conscious way to splash lots of color and warmth around the site of your party. Create a lovely, elegant effect by draping white and silver metallic gossamer or streamers from the center of the ceiling to the walls on each side of the room. Two different colored streamers or lengths of gossamer can be placed back to back and twisted for a unique look.
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Photo Setting

A Quinceanera is the ideal time to capture some priceless memories as you'll be surrounded by all the people you love most. You can actually plan this as a party activity. Set up an area with a Cinderella-themed decoration specifically for picture taking. Whether you are hiring a professional photographer or recruiting a family member, take pictures of each guest at the party and of different groups of guests standing by the photo backdrop. The photos can be mailed or emailed to friends and family after the party with a note saying "gracias". Another nice touch for the Quinceanera celebration would be to use the photo setting for video recording. A set of numbers showing the year of your Quince would be ideal. Ask guests to stop by at some point during the party and record a spontaneous message. Have each guest start by saying "I'm proud of you because;" or "My favorite memory of you growing up is..." Throughout the course of the party you will create a touching tribute, filled with warm memories, funny stories, and the smiling faces of those who came to say, "Feliz Cumpleaños!"

Quinceanera Balloons
Quince Balloons
Quinceanera Banners
Quince Banners

Decorating for a Mexican Fiesta

To set an authentic mood, you’ll want to pick out Invitationsand
Quinceanera decorations with a south of the border flair. Pick up as many plastic tablecloths as you think you’ll need. Choose bright colors, like purple, turquoise, hot pink and yellow. Get some paper napkins and small appetizer or dessert-sized paper plates to match. If you want to use plastic cups, stock up on them too.
Party Supplies
Many party stores stock Mexican themed wall decorations, colorful paper flowers, piñatas and Quinceanera centerpieces. Get about a dozen or two small Quinceanera candles and as many lunch sized brown paper sacks. On the day of the fiesta, you will fill each with some sand or soil, insert a candle and place two rows of “luminaries” along the walkway to your front door.

Columns & Arches

Quinceanera Arch
Quinceanera Decorations
Fountains and Chandeliers
Quinceanera Fountains
Quinceanera ChandelierQ
Other Quinceanera Decorations
Quinceanera Centerpieces
Pink and White Mis 15 Centerpieces
Pink Star Centerpiece Spray Pink & Opal
Sale   Pink White
Mis 15 Centerpieces   
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