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Quinceanera Gifts For The Quince Girl

Celebrate this special occasion in a young woman’s life with unique personalized Quinceanera gifts that will help her remember her important  15th birthday. Choose from lockets, necklaces, bracelets, and other gift Ideas appropriate for your special young lady. Other traditional gifts include bibles, cake decorations, jewelry, photo albums, dolls, cake servers, and toasting glasses. Also browse our site to find party favors for honored Quinceanera guests.
As a special touch, get your special Quince girl a Gemstone or Birthstone ring, bracelet or necklace that perfectly matches her Quinceanera gown. Or, thanks to "Jewels for Me", you can Design Your Own Gemstone Jewelry!

Traditional gifts and their symbolic meaning:
TiaraThe Quinceanera Tiara symbolizes a princess before God. This usually replaces a headpiece worn by Quinceañera until she is blessed during the festivities.
ScepterA Scepter is placed in the hand of the Quinceanera to symbolize her taking on adult  roles as well as the authority that goes with her new position in the family and society.
Holy BibleA prayer book or Quinceanera Bible is given as a resource to keep the word of God in her life. Quinceanera RingA Ring or Bracelet is given to symbolize the never-ending circle of life, the never-ending cycle of womanhood as well as symbolic of  her future contributions.
Earrings are given to remind her to keep her ears in tune to the voice of God, or to listen to the word of God as well as the world around her.
A Rosario or Rosary Beads are often given in combination with the bible as a useful tool in the prayer life of any young Catholic Woman.  
iconicon Used if a mass service is held to place at the Altar of the Virgin Maria as a gift of thanksgiving.  

Pearl Comb HeadpieceA headpiece is worn as an adornment until replaced by the Tiara.
A Quinceañera Doll is used to hold ribbons with the Quinceañeras name and the date of her birth imprinted upon them, to be passed out as bolos to guests who attended the reception. The doll traditionally is given away to a young female member of the family as symbolic of passing on childish ways to the younger generations as she takes her place amongst the other women in her family.  More commonly now it is saved as a souvenir of the event.  
Josef Birthday Doll - Quinceanera 
All My Heart Pillow Ivory EachThere are several pillows used during a Quinceañera ceremony. One is for kneeling during the service, one for carry her new shoes and usually one for the Tiara she receives.


More Traditional Gifts
14k Goldplated Quinceanera Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Set (Mexico) Sterling Essentials Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Quinceanera 15 Ring
Gifts for the Quinceanera Court 
The latest trend for Quinceañeras is to share favor keepsakes that are personalized.  You can have favors imprinted with a special thank-you message along with your name and the date, with your Quinceañera slogan, or with a reference to the Cinderella theme such as, "May all your dreams and wishes come true!" with a graphic of a horse drawn carriage. Personalized Crystal Gifts 
Frames and candles are always much appreciated.  Personalized mint tins, key chains and clocks are also very popular as party favors right now. 

Glassware imprinted with a special message or your theme slogan makes a wonderful favor.  Guests can drink from the special glass at the party, then take it home and fondly recall your special day every time they see the glass.  As an alternative, glassware can be filled with metallic shred and little chocolate or candy treats.
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You could also have inexpensive Bubblesimprinted with your party slogan, a magical touch for any birthday party!  All of the favors listed here can and should be displayed on the tables where guests will sit during the reception, as they will make the tables look more festive.   Mini glass slippers (they are actually acrylic) would be great favors to give away to your guests as a token of appreciation for sharing in your special day!    
Quinceanera Cross Help celebrate her transition from childhood to womanhood by commemorating that special girls Quinceanera with a unique personalized gift. This cross is fashioned in rich wood tones, adorned with an attractive wood composite oval with filigree design, bearing the name of the honored guest, the date of the event, and her home parish. Cross can be printed in English or Spanish.
Miss Quince Anos Party Sash Mis Quince Anos Party Sash
  Quinceanera Charm
Quinceanera Charm 
Quinceanera - Sweet Fifteen.....If you are turning fifteen, then it's time to party!
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