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Food for a Quinceanera

As with any large party, food plays an important role in a Quinceanera. There is no magic to Quinceanera cooking, just serve enough food for all the guests and remember to make it FUN!

Quinceanera Cake

Either make or order a large quinceanera cake. Use a sturdy table to support the cake as traditional quinceanera cakes resemble wedding cakes in their size. Let the celebrant choose her favorite theme or colors for the cake. 

Traditional Foods

When you are cooking for a Quinceanera, remember to serve the honoree's favorite foods. Also provide traditional foodsfor older family members in attendance. Save money by cooking yourself rather than using a caterer. Ask relatives for their favorite Quinceanera recipes and see if they will volunteer to make them for the party. Traditional Quinceanera foods include a spiced beef mixture called picadillo, roasted goat (cabrito), arroz (rice), a savory chocolate sauce (mole) and cinnamon shortbread cookies known as pan de polvo.

Nontraditional Foods

Make pasta with sauce in large quantities to serve a big crowd. Serve the food buffet style with both nontraditional and traditional foods. Offer favorite modern or international foods best suited for a buffet. Tacos, soups, lasagna, Asian fried rice and pasta with sauce all lend themselves to large scale preparation and serving.

Make Enough Food

Plan to prepare or purchase enough food for all of the guests. Get a count of all Quinceanera banquet attendees so that you can plan for enough. Provide this number to the caterer or use it to plan for home cooking for the party. Estimate 10 to 12 appetizer pieces, 5 to 6 ounces of meat and one handful of salad per person. Make a pound of rice or pasta for every four to 10 people, depending on if other foods are served and if the quinceanera is a buffet. Remember, buffets require less food per person, but plan to make a greater variety if doing a buffet. Save time by opting to prepare buffet type foods as they can be made in large amounts and do not require individual plating. Choose a Quinceanera party time after lunch and before dinner and serve cocktails and appetizers to save the most money. Plan to serve 10 to 20 appetizer pieces per person if not serving other food at the quinceanera.  

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