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Guide to selecting an invitation

Choose a Quinceanera invitation that will give your family and friends a sneak preview of your theme. Either an enchanting castle or a fairytale carriage shaped invitation would be perfect. Consider sprinkling some castle-shaped confetti or Fairy Godmother dust (sparkly powder) inside the envelope to make your invitation stand out.
As an alternative consider attaching a computer-generated tag to a mini glass slipper with silver curling ribbon. Invite guests by saying, "Only you can fill this shoe...by coming to Isobel’s Cinderella Quinceanera Party!" They can be mailed in small padded envelopes. If you want to save money on postage, recruit the help of your chambelanes, dress them up as footmen and hand-deliver these invites on a lovely white satin pillow (leaving only the shoe invitation with each invited family!).
Quinceanera Invitations
Quince Invitations

Personalized Quince Girl Invitations, Gifts, Favors and Decorations!
That special time in your life has arrived: your fifteenth birthday! Make it special and memorable with a specially customized Quinceanera Invitation. All from Quinceanera Sweet Fifteen!
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  Quinceanera Invitations
Quince Invitations

Quinceanera - Sweet Fifteen.....If you are turning fifteen, then it's time to party!
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